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Video of Little Boy with Lightning Marks on His Face, White Frontal Hair, and Natural Blue Eyes Goes Viral

Photo Credit: TikTok/@raoultsasa0

Because of the little boy’s striking features, the video has attracted international attention. Because of his attractive looks, he is referred to as an “angel” by many.

Due to his striking features, a little black boy from Africa has gone viral on the internet. Everyone is in awe of the boy’s features, even though they are unsure of his name and other details.

Despite the lack of information on the child’s age or name, people are mesmerized by his beauty. The young black boy has bright, piercing blue eyes that are his natural color.

He also has a patch of white hair at the front of his head which seemingly spreads to his face a lightning-like scar that makes him look otherworldly or as some commenters think “an angel.”

The child is seen in the first video staring into the camera and looking around while being shot. The second video shows the child staring into the camera as he eats from a spoon.

The person who posted this video is named Raoul Tessa and from his description, he is from the Netherlands.

As per Newsner, people were convinced the boy had a promising future due to his unusual yet endearing appearance.

One user named Duc Nambouri said, “He looks so unique. He shouldn’t struggle to be a great actor. He already stands out among the crowd.”

Another TikTok user named Michael Brown-Herrer commented, “He is a masterpiece of beauty.”

Everyone agreed that the child was lovely. However, some people had peculiar ideas about how he came to appear the way he did.

One user named Lunar Moon wrote, “He’s so beautiful. I keep thinking he was kissed by lightning.”

Another user named Jamie La Chaky wrote her suspicious as, “I believe he has Waardenburg Syndrome.”

Medical websites state that Waardenburg syndrome is a group of genetic conditions that cause changes in the color (pigmentation) of hair, skin, and eyes in people who have it. It can also cause some amount of hearing loss.

But everyone agreed that the child was indeed beautiful.

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