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Texas Cop Loses Job After Contentious Traffic Stop Caught on Camera

Texas Cop Traffic Stop Caught Camera
Photo: TxChristopher / YouTube (Screenshot)

A traffic stop captured on body camera footage led to the dismissal of Officer Scott Harrell from the Texas City Police Department.

On April 19, the video, uploaded on YouTube by motorist Christopher Shull, reveals Officer Harrell confronting Shull at a Buc-ee’s gas pump in Texas City. Harrell alleged that Shull had sped through the parking lot and taken shortcuts through parking spaces.

Shull countered in the video, stating he merely came for gas. A report by KPRC mentioned Harrell’s account of Shull being “argumentative and confrontational,” but Shull disagreed, accusing Harrell of misusing his authority.

A notable moment in the video showcases Shull inquiring about the citation’s validity on private property. Harrell responded, hinting at a citation for disregarding a traffic control device, and chided Shull for his perceived “attitude”. The situation escalated when Harrell threatened to arrest Shull, citing a near-miss with a truck—evidence of which Shull later contested with surveillance footage on his YouTube channel.

Harrell subsequently handcuffed Shull, suspecting a potential complaint would be lodged against him. However, after another officer’s arrival, Shull was issued a citation and released.

Although initially reassigned to administrative duties pending investigation, a recent news release confirms Harrell’s dismissal. Texas City’s new Police Chief, Landis Cravens, emphasized the department’s unwavering commitment to professionalism and ethical standards.

He stated, “The actions of this individual do not represent the hard work and dedication of the men and women who proudly wear the uniform of the Texas City Police Department.” Following the incident, Shull’s citation was dismissed as per KPRC.

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