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Bold Burglar Invades California Home with Family Asleep Inside

thief breaks-into Beverly Grove home
Photo by ktla video screenshot

In a disturbing breach of security, a Beverly Grove family was recently victimized as they slept, all captured in real-time by their home surveillance system. In the early hours of Sept. 10, an audacious burglar scaled a locked gate and navigated his way into the residence.

The homeowner, Rabbi Moshe Nourollah, expressed disbelief, “I’m still in shock that someone would so boldly invade our private space at such an hour,” he relayed to KTLA.

While the presence of security cameras might deter most, this thief was unfazed. The family, unfortunately, hadn’t activated their alarm system that night. Batya Nourollah, a family member, detailed the chilling sequence, noting that the intruder had ventured into her very bedroom. The magnitude of the invasion only dawned on the family the next morning when the absence of their silver Honda SUV was noted.

The family was deeply unsettled by the 20-minute intrusion. Rabbi Nourollah lamented the declining safety of their community. The family’s SUV was later traced to Bakersfield, thanks to its tracking device. Disturbingly, another vehicle theft reported in the vicinity was also traced to the same location. The LAPD has yet to recover either vehicle or identify suspects.

Reflecting on the incident, Rabbi Nourollah hinted at stricter punitive measures for such offenses, suggesting they might deter would-be criminals.

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