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Tourists Taunt Ornery Moose in Montana and Receive Instant Karma: ‘One of the Best Moments of the Year’

Photo: TouronsOfYellowstone / Instagram

Moose on the Loose: ‘Tourons’ Get A Reality Check in Montana!

The ‘Tourons of Yellowstone’ Instagram, boasting over 401,000 followers, recently showcased a hair-raising face-off between two brazen tourists and a moose in Montana’s Big Sky region.

The expletive-laden video saw an observer chastising the reckless duo for their antics. However, their audaciousness peaked when the moose retaliated. The identities of the thrill-seekers remain undisclosed.

While one bystander passionately remarked, “Let it be wild,” another deduced the moose was likely frightened. Moose, frequenting Montana’s famed tourist spots, command respect for their sheer size and unpredictability.

Did you know? The term “moose,” derived from Algonquin, translates to “twig eater.” Notably, moose incidents outnumber any other wildlife-related injuries in the Americas. Capable of speeds up to 35 mph, these giants, the tallest mammals in North America, are estimated at around 300,000 in the U.S.

Colorado Outdoors warns of the moose’s tendency to stand its ground and charge when threatened. As with any wildlife, a safe buffer zone is essential. The National Park Service emphasizes the need for awareness, especially around mother moose and their young.

Many on Instagram felt the audacious pair got their just desserts. “Moose one, idiots 0!!!” read a comment. Another quipped about the hefty fines that such individuals should face for disturbing wildlife.

While cautionary advice had been shared, witnessing the moose stand its ground seemed like poetic justice to many. Post-incident details remain fuzzy, but the video capturer hinted that the daredevils might have evaded serious harm.

The captivating footage garnered reactions like, “I’ve replayed this so many times; it’s the highlight of my year. Go, team moose!”

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