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Mum dying from Covid-19 makes miracle recovery from coma thanks to ‘last resort’ drug

The unbelievable incident has occurred in South Yorkshire, A Cov patient who was in a coma and doctors gave her three days to live has made a miraculous recovery with help from an experimental drug.

45 years old Claire Haythorne who is a health care worker by profession found out she had the virus through one of the mandatory tests she had every week at the start of November. She didn’t display symptoms at the time but went home to isolate.

Her daughter Leah Haythorne, 18, said: “She was alright to quarantine for two weeks. On Friday she got in bed and by Sunday the 8th November, she’d lost all the colour in her face. You couldn’t recognise her.

“Then Monday she got rushed into hospital. That was the last time we saw her.”

Leah said: “Her kidneys and lungs were proper bad. She was needing lots of oxygen.”

Leah said: “The doctors said it was a last resort.”

But the improvements were instantaneous.

“When she went on the medication they’d given her three days to live. They’d said if it didn’t work they won’t know what to do next.

“It was just a waiting game. Literally waiting for day in and day out.”

Leah said the family got to speak to Claire on Christmas Day remotely and the doctor who prescribed the medication described her recovery as a “little Christmas miracle”.

She said: “I can’t put into words what it felt like. It was overwhelming. It’s been the hardest two months.

“At first when my mum was in bed we were like, ‘Come on mum, it can’t be that bad’. We never thought it would affect her the way it has.

“We didn’t think it was as serious as my mum has had it. She had no health problems and it’s not like she’s old.”

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