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Surveillance Footage Captures Woman’s Tragic Death by Utility Pole, Sparking $100M Lawsuit

Jeunelle Robinson
Photo: Twitter

Jeunelle Robinson, a 31-year-old teacher at Wagener-Salley High School in South Carolina, met a tragic end during her lunch break when an airborne utility pole struck her. This occurred after a tractor-trailer entangled with overhead powerlines, leading to the collapse of eight poles in the Wagener region on August 23.

Chilling surveillance footage reveals the moment Robinson, in her second year at the school, was hit by the pole as she crossed the street. The pole’s impact left her lying motionless.

Witnesses described Robinson as “genuine and sweet,” recalling her attempt to dodge the incoming pole. She was swiftly rushed to a medical facility but, heartbreakingly, was declared dead at Augusta University Medical Center.

The Robinson family is now initiating a $100 million lawsuit, alleging negligence with the claim that an aging pole tragically ended their loved one’s life. Additionally, they seek to establish a $10 million trust for an annual scholarship in Robinson’s name.

Family attorney Justin Bamberg criticizes big utility companies for neglecting rural South Carolina’s infrastructural needs. “Jeunelle’s parents aim to spotlight massive infrastructure disparities that rural areas suffer, hoping for change,” he remarked.

At a press event, Robinson’s father fondly remembered his daughter’s perseverance and love for her students. “She had her challenges, but she wasn’t a quitter,” he expressed.

Although the South Carolina Highway Patrol is probing into the incident, no charges have emerged yet. Dominion Energy, the regional power provider, extended its sympathies to the Robinson family but withheld further comments due to the ongoing inquiry.

In a town meeting, Mayor Michael Miller observed that some of the utility poles, including the one that killed Robinson, were extremely old. State Representative Bamberg underscored the age of these poles, noting that some were due for replacement over ten years ago.

Robinson’s sudden demise deeply affected her school community. “She built genuine connections with colleagues and students in her brief time here,” the school’s statement conveyed, “She was truly special to everyone she met.”

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