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US Schools Revise Safety Protocols in Response to Gun Violence

gun violence
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As schools across the US prepare for the fall semester, the rising concerns about safety in the face of gun violence are prompting significant changes. Scripps News reporters nationwide shed light on the evolving safety measures.

The statistics are concerning. Last year witnessed 47 school shootings, a figure closely trailing the prior year’s 52. The numbers are somewhat lower compared to a few years back, with partial credit going to the pandemic-induced shift to virtual learning.

One of the most tragic incidents last year was in a private Christian school in Nashville. A shooter gained access by firing through a glass barrier. This event was a catalyst for Tennessee’s decision to allocate $230 million toward enhanced safety and mental health measures.

Several states are proactively reshaping their safety blueprints:

  • In Denver, the presence of armed officers will be notable in public schools this fall.
  • Florida has introduced numerous state laws specifically focusing on school safety.
  • Other districts are exploring the idea of permitting select staff to carry firearms or are investing in collapsible bulletproof rooms. There is also a renewed emphasis on resource officers patrolling school premises.

Scripps News correspondents have been on the frontline, tracking these safety modifications over the years. Their findings offer insights into the adaptations schools in various communities are making this academic year to prioritize student and staff safety.

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