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TV presenter beaten, choked, and almost raped by s*x attacker in front of son on train

Anastasia Lugovaya recounted the horrifying assault by Vitaly Rudzko on social media. She was able to escape but feared for her life in the months afterward

TV presenter beaten and tried to rape her on a sleeper train has died in prison from a vile sex attacker. On August 1, 2020 TV channel Inter, was traveling from Mariupol to Kyiv with her young son when the horrifying incident unfolded, Anastasia Lugovaya, an anchor on the Ukrainian.

Before the incident of beating and choking Anastasia man called Vitaly Rudzko, while covered only in his underpants entered the compartment. When he saw this happening, her son began shouting and she moved Rudzko to take her to another section of the train.

She saw a knife lying around then she was very horrified and began to fear for her life. Anastasia wrote all in the incident on social media: “I heard my son crying, and I thought that this would be an opportunity to escape.

“So I told him that I needed to go to my son to stop him from crying since he may wake everyone on the train. He agreed but said that he would come again.

“I left his compartment running. I took my son, and we both ran barefoot to get help.”

She went on that: “I ran straight to the conductor. She was sleeping, and she did not open the door. I knocked on everyone’s door. “Sadly, no one answered to help me. I saw him running towards us. We ran to the conductor of the other carriage. That was when we finally were saved from the man.” After Rezko was arrested and imprisoned, but Anastasia continued to fear for her life.

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