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Female serial killer faces death penalty after drugging and murdering her family

A female serial killer faces the death penalty after drugging seven relatives then slitting their throats.

Shabnam Ali, 38, served her family members with milk laced with sedatives before killing them in Amroha, India.

The university graduate reportedly carried out the twisted plot in 2008 as she wanted to marry a labourer, but her family didn’t approve.

She was convicted of murdering her mum, dad, two brothers, a sister-in-law, a cousin and a 10-month-old nephew.

The bodies were cut up and discovered by her horrified uncle and aunt, according to local media.

Her uncle said: “We were not at home when the carnage took place.

“When we went there at around 2am, there was blood all around and the bodies were cut up.

“The crime was unpardonable.”

According to the Times of India, the district jail in Mathura has started to prepare to hang Ali.

It will be the first time a woman has been hanged since independence in 1947, the publication reported.

An official involved in the preparations said: “Mathura jail officials have been asked to start preparing.

“That’s what they are doing.”

She was sentenced to death in 2010 by a court, along with the labourer Saleem.

Over the following years the case went to the Supreme Court where it was upheld, while the President of India also rejected her mercy petition.

A date for the execution has not been scheduled yet as no death warrant has been issued, according to reports.

But Sarthak Chaturvedi, a lawyer for the Supreme Court, said she could still seek another judicial review.

Back in 1998, a woman from the Indian city of Lucknow was sentenced to death.

But it was commuted to life in prison after she gave birth to a child behind bars.

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