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World-Renowned Chef Gordon Ramsey Once Refused To Cook For Trump

Quite Frankly, Donald Trump is not a loved one. It never happened – as a result of the numerous crimes and violations he committed as the nation’s president, or his tendency to screw millions of eyeballs or be mistreated as a real estate tycoon, the incessant racism and drug use during his time at The Nobody really liked Apprentice.

Hell, himself one of Britain’s most famous chefs and known the world over for his tough demeanor, once gave old Donald a big “no thanks” when asked to house Trump and his team. Blenheim Palace when Trump visited England in 2018.

Gordon Ramsay greeted Johnstone, Renfrewshire and grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. He replied, “Thank you, but no thanks” that he had chosen to stay out of politics. The reasons for Gordon’s rejection, however, were apparently much less political and perhaps more to do with his dislike for America’s greatest embarrassment, as the world famous chef didn’t seem to have a problem with cooking. other major political figures over the years.

In addition to numerous celebrities and celebrities who have had personal experience with Ramsay cuisine over the years, the chef also cooked for people like Vladimir Putin in 2010 and eventually donated the money he received from the event to charities and even hosted them . Nelson Mandela as guest of honor at the opening ceremony of the restaurant in Cape Town in 2009.

But folks, that’s not even the best. In addition to declining Donald’s request to meet his own event, Gordon announced that he would be more than happy to serve Trump’s Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in 2016.

When asked by Bon App├ętit magazine in 2015, shortly after Clinton announced his presidential bid, the Democrat, when he got the chance, asked what he would cook for Hope, and Gordon made no short reply.

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