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Veterinarian Denies Beating Weak 19-Year-Old Cat As Owner Sits In Parking Lot

When a pet parent brings their pet to a veterinarian’s office, they expect the veterinarian to fulfill their official veterinary oath. “I will practice my profession with conscience, dignity and in accordance with the principles of veterinary ethics,” he writes in part of this oath.

Unfortunately, not all veterinarians install this beloved bait and instead choose to harm animals. A case of animal abuse is reported in Dothan, Alabama and details are shared to alert others.

Dr. Richard Timothy Logan is a licensed veterinarian at Andrews Avenue Animal Hospital. Recently, Dr. A video surfaced online of Logan molesting a poor, helpless, vulnerable cat in one of the building’s exam rooms.

It appears that Logan is hitting the cat, banging his tiny head against the table in the exam room, picking it up by the collar, and dropping it again. According to ABC 33/40, a person working in the clinic could no longer bear to monitor the abuse.

The Ozark Alabama Police Department has been notified and the investigation is ongoing. Additionally, a separate state investigation could cost Logan a veterinary license. Unfortunately, cases like this are considered a misdemeanor, so Logan is unlikely to face jail time.

The Alabama Veterinary Control Board can revoke its license, but only time will tell. Kirke Adams, a Dothan Dale County attorney, told WTVY News that he plans to charge Logan with animal testing if the result shows he has committed a crime.

There is obviously blood on the cat’s small body and its mouth is swollen. The video went viral shortly after it went online. According to a post by the Kris Kelly Foundation on Facebook, the cat is alive and back with its real owner. The cat is estimated to be 19 years old. Images of the alleged abuse can be seen in the video below.

H/T: WTVYABC3340Southeast Sun, AVMA

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