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Daylight Purse Snatching Incident Captured on Video in Hacienda Heights

Purse Snatching
Photo: KTLA 5 / YouTube

In a disturbing event on Monday afternoon, an elderly woman was pulled across a parking lot during a purse snatching in Los Angeles County’s Hacienda Heights, outside a Bank of America branch on Azusa Avenue and Pepper Brook Way.

A chilling video from the location portrays a male perpetrator pulling the 75-year-old by her arm, trying to snatch her purse. After dragging her a considerable distance, he finally managed to grab the purse and fled, leaving her on the pavement. Witnesses nearby chased after the offender, a scene that left the community horrified.

Jose Rafoya, a resident, expressed his deep concerns, stating, “Such incidents make us wary. Today it’s her, tomorrow it could be our loved ones. The increasing audacity of these criminals is terrifying.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is thoroughly investigating the occurrence. The woman, now recovering, suffered injuries, including cuts and bruises during the ordeal.

Nick Liang, another resident, empathized, saying, “It’s tragic. I’ve been a victim too, and the trauma isn’t just physical. The violation of personal space is unsettling.”

While it remains unknown if the thief was armed, officials stress the importance of safety and not resisting during such incidents.

This Hacienda Heights episode follows another shocking event outside Dottie’s Flowers in Reseda, where a woman was stabbed during a robbery. The victim, aged 40, was hospitalized, and her assailant was later apprehended.

Raphael Contreras, another concerned resident, noted the alarming trend of daytime crimes, stating, “It’s unnerving. Such incidents are expected during nighttime, but now, they’re happening in broad daylight amidst bustling areas.”

Adding to the list of growing crimes, a Nordstrom at the Westfield Topanga mall was recently looted by a large group, resulting in a loss of over $300,000 in goods. A security official was also assaulted with bear spray.

With the rising number of aggressive thefts, locals are increasingly worried. Liang added, “Crime seems to be spiraling. My thoughts are with the lady, hoping she finds strength.”

In response to the surge in crime, L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn commented, “The level of inhumanity is alarming. I trust the Sheriff’s Department will do its utmost to apprehend the individual involved.”

Currently, the suspect involved in the Hacienda Heights incident is still at large. Any leads or information should be directed to the LASD’s Industry Station at 626-330-3322.

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