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Woman Discovers Her Pet’s Playmate is a Wild Animal

Wild Animal
Photo: kcra

During a bible study gathering at her Morada, California residence, Sandy Ali received a shocker. What she believed was her dog’s playmate turned out to be a wild mountain lion.

As Sandy spent time with friends, a guest innocently commented on her dogs playing outside. However, Sandy owns just one dog. A peek outside revealed her pet, Rocco, frolicking with the unexpected wild guest.

Security footage from the house displayed Rocco chasing the mountain lion around the yard, a sight that left Sandy in awe. Though having resided in Morada for years, it was her first encounter with a mountain lion so close to her home.

“I only have one dog,” Ali recalled telling her friend. She further commented on the mountain lion’s agility, “Within a leap, it had scaled the tree.”

Concerned for her neighbors’ safety, Ali promptly dialed 911. Despite attempts from multiple agencies to tranquilize the creature, the wild cat eventually escaped into a nearby field.

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office is urging residents to remain cautious and keep pets indoors as the search for the mountain lion continues.

Neighboring communities have also experienced similar encounters. In Colorado, a doorbell video recently captured a group of mountain lions wandering through a family neighborhood in Silverthorne. Carolyn Andrews, the homeowner, recounted her astonishment when she spotted five big cats approaching her home late at night in an area where kids frequently play.

Given these incidents, Colorado Parks and Wildlife advises residents to exercise caution during evening hours. They’ve especially recommended ensuring pets remain indoors overnight and children are accompanied by adults. In the event of a face-off with a mountain lion, the Park emphasized the importance of remaining calm, speaking firmly, and avoiding confrontations, thus allowing the animal an escape route.

“Never approach a mountain lion, especially if it’s feeding or with kittens,” the Park’s statement read, “Avoid running as it might trigger their predatory instinct.”

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