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Pro-Trump Painter Flips, Wants To Drape Portrait In Black ‘Until He Repents Before God and Man’

According to reports, New York-based artist Julian Raven became something of a right-wing celeb for his sprawling painting of Donald Trump complete with American flag-piercing bald eagle and border wall map and his subsequent legal battle with the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery to get it displayed. Moreover

After the January 6 storming of the Capitol Building, But the main thing is that the two-time Trump voter spoke out against his former hero, calling on him to resign. When it reopens in the coming month’s painter says the museum should not display a photo portrait of Trump destined for its presidential gallery.

Says Raven: “I believe the right thing to do would be to hang a black cloth over the photo and that no honor be given to him until he repents before God and man,”, who was the subject of a 2019 Washingtonian feature story. Raven maintains he has nothing upon the artwork itself; In fact, he thinks it’s a “beautiful” photo. “It reflects the best time when he was in office,” he states.

But, Raven says, “Trump shouldn’t be honored with a portrait until the former president “humbles himself” and takes responsibility for his actions surrounding election fraud claims and the insurrection”.

“The worst part for me was all the people then and now being arrested and their lives being ruined for being duped into this pseudo-revolution. And he gets into a plane and flies off to his mansion on the beach,” Raven tells. He thinks that Trump should need to give them financial assistance during their confinement.

That last one is perfect. It’s always exciting, though, to hear from a woke former Trump.  But yes, it’s better to wake TF up at some point than to never wake up at all.

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