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Blind Pit Bull Ached To Be Saved But No One Showed, She Then Hears Woman

A blind Pit Bull that had been abandoned in the woods ached to be saved but no one showed up. She had given up as she slowly starved. By the time a rescue group found her, she was curled up in a ball trying to stay warm, waiting for her angels to come. One rescuer, from Lucky Dog Refuge, was able to lure her out of the dense woods with food. When she got up, they saw every bone in her body. It was totally soul-crushing.

They named the Pittie Halo. They gave her that special name because the rescuers decided if she was in too much pain to continue on, they would humanely put her down. It wasn’t fair to make her suffer more than she already has.

Halo was placed in a medical foster home with Stacey. Her health was touch and go but no one was giving up on the little fighter. The vet confirmed that she was completely blind. Halo needed her foster mom to guide her around but she didn’t mind it one bit. She was eager to be around kind humans… something she had never experienced before.

In the video below, by The Dodo, the narrator explains that Halo was able to see shadows but without guidance, she would walk right into a telephone pole. Her new human friends made sure she was never alone. Despite her health, and being so skinny, Halo began to blossom. Especially when she was out on adventures with Stacey.

Halo’s journey continues and her story only gets better from here. To find out what happens next, check out the video below. We are so grateful Halo was found before it was too late!

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Skinny pittie found curled up in the woods is gorgeous now — and loves to go to McDonald's for ice cream cones 💕

Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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