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A Skeletal Dog Showed Up Under Her Car Only To Go To ‘Turtle Mode’ If Approached

A skeleton of a dog appeared under Abigail’s car out of the blue, and the woman was taken aback by how she looked. This stray happened to choose her car of all cars somehow, and she was determined to help. The dog ate the food provided but submitted to “turtle mode” to avoid all contact. Eventually, the sweet girl came out on her own, and they were able to put the leash around her.

Abigail got the 6-month-old pup over to the vet right away thinking she had parvo. But it ended up that her stomach was sick from having eaten so much garbage. Ellie was so exhausted and weak that she was unresponsive the first couple of days.

But rest, meds, and love would make Ellie a brand new dog! She learned these people just wanted to help, and she was taken outside to play with a ball where her personality really blossomed! Abigail took the Golden Retriever mix to the beach and watched her do zoomies all over the place unable to believe how it all started for this dog. Watch the video below to see Ellie’s happy ending!

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