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Rescue Dog Uses His Giant Body To Pin Down Dad And Give Him Never-Ending Hugs

Rescue dogs are intensely loyal and protective toward their humans, and Sully the St. Bernard is the perfect embodiment of that! Sully was a tiny 8-week-old puppy when he first moved into his forever home in Durham, North Carolina. He immediately sealed his place in his parents’ hearts with his “all-consuming, extra-long” hugs!

As Sully grew up into a handsome boy, his grateful hugs became an instinctive habit (despite his not-so-tiny stature). So whenever Dad returned from a long day at work, Sully would rush to comfort him with his warm and cozy cuddles. There was just one problem with these signature snuggle sessions – they were literally never-ending!

In this video, we see Dad’s “struggles” as he deals with yet another cuddle attack from his velcro pooch! Sully uses his gigantic body to his advantage as he locks Dad down on bed and demands him to hug him endlessly. Every time Dad tries to get up, the clingy kiddo would knock him down like a piece of cake and smother him with another set of slobbery kisses!

There’s no escape for Dad once Sully is set on showering him with a generous dose of love! No wonder Dad “resigns to his fate” and lets his persistent baby have it his way. Sully knows no moderation because in his heart, he will always be Dad’s pampered starry-eyed rescue puppy!

Click the video below to watch a doting Sully “crushing” Dad with his persevering cuddle attack!

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