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Pet Care of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are one such pet which are loved much in small pets but they require good pet care in order to remain healthy and live for at least five years.

If you intend to keep guinea pigs as house pets then here are a few pet care instructions which you can follow and have fun with your guinea pigs.

Firstly, decide a good cage size for your guinea pigs. In pet care the first and most important thing is to decide what sort of shelter you are going to give to your pets and will they be comfortable in it or not? Guinea pigs require at least four square feet of a cage lined with wood shavings, grass or hay. Make sure that for guinea pigs pet care you opt for such a cage that has a smooth bottom like plastic o wood because wired bottom can cause a lot of problems and discomfort for your guinea pigs.

Secondly, guinea pigs like to live in groups therefore, as primary pet care; you must focus on giving good company to your guinea pigs and not getting one guinea pig but at least, a pair. It doesn’t matter if one is male and other is female or both of the same genders; just keep two guinea pigs together at one time at least.

Thirdly, guinea pigs are very playful pets and they like to play hide and seek or jump on a rock all the time. Therefore, in your pet care tips make sure you put some plastic flower pots or rocks and bricks inside the cage so that guinea pigs can carry out their activities and they remain active all the time.
Fourthly, for pet care of guinea pigs keep the cage very neat and clean and make sure that you change the water, bottom bedding etc almost daily. Put new and dry bedding everyday and make sure that you put some twigs or sticks in the cage too as guinea pigs are rodents and they like to gnaw as their teeth grow very fast.

As far as food and nutrition in pet care of guinea pigs is involved, there are special guinea pig pallets at pet supply stores which you can buy and give them for food. Apart from that, they also like to eat corn, peas, cucumber etc. Make sure that you give them a good supply of grass each day as a part of your daily pet care plan for your guinea pigs as they love to gnaw grass and it is great for their digestive system too.

Lastly, take your guinea pigs regularly to a good vet and if you see any signs of illness in them then as important pet care, take them to the vet immediately. Keep them indoors and make sure they are not exposed to extreme temperatures especially too much humidity.

Have fun with your guinea pigs and do good pet care as it is very rewarding and satisfying.

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