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Mama Dog On An Insanely Heavy Chain Worries More For Her Puppies Than Herself

Lisa Chiarelli from “Frankie, Lola & Friends Rescue” learned about a mama dog and her puppies living a desolate life in an unhygienic backyard. She immediately got a rescue team together and rushed to the neighborhood, but the condition of the dogs was way worse than she had expected.

The mama dog was an emaciated mess as she sat perpetually chained to a tree in the yard. The chain was short and heavy, which totally restricted her movement. There was another chained dog suffering in the yard, while the puppies were locked up in crates in the garage.

When Lisa confronted the owner, she could instantly sense that the man actually cared for the dogs. But he was overwhelmed to have the huge dog family and had no idea about the resources available to him to seek help. While the plight of the dogs was indeed despicable, Lisa decided not to be hostile or chastise the owner.

This video documents this heartbreaking rescue operation, and shows how Lisa tactfully talked her way into rescuing the dogs. The owner was especially unwilling to give up the mama dog, but the way Lisa reasoned with him was soaked with true empathy. He eventually realized he had to surrender his dogs if he really loved and cared about their welfare!

Watch this video till the end to see the rescued dogs and puppies blossoming in their new forever homes! This heartwarming story proves that genuine kindness and tolerance will always bring out the best in humanity!

Click the video below to watch Lisa convincing the owner into giving his pets a real chance at good lives!

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