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Homeless Dog Barges Into The Life Of Woman Battling Cancer & Changes Everything

A woman named Laurette was battling ovarian cancer when she met Georgia the homeless dog. Laurette’s neighbor was providing Georgia a temporary shelter, but the dog just won’t stop sneaking into her yard. It seemed like Georgia sensed Laurette was at the lowest point in her life, and wanted to comfort her desperately.

As Laurette gradually recovered from chemo, she realized that Georgia just won’t stop pushing her way into her life – and the dispirited woman loved every second of it! Georgia coaxed Laurette to get out and explore, which lifted her weary soul in so many ways.

Laurette’s strengthening bond with the pooch coincided with her healing, until she knew Georgia was the universe’s gift to her. When she triumphantly defeated the disease, she requested her neighbor to let her keep Georgia. And just like that, Georgia ended up right where she belonged!

After surviving the wretched ailment, Laurette was grateful to be alive and wanted to tick off the unchecked items in her bucket list. One of her cherished dreams was to ride a motorcycle sidecar, and Georgia turned out to be the perfect companion for that! Georgia was a natural adventurer with a penchant for soothing rides.

Georgia settled right into the sidecar as she celebrated her Laurette’s victory with the most liberating bike rides across the country! Laurette and Georgia look nothing less than soulmates in this heartwarming video! The fact that Georgia found Laurette and embraced her as family exactly when she needed it is beyond magical. We wish them the best life together!

Click the video below to watch Georgia forcing her way into Laurette’s life and changing her life forever!

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