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Man Gets Mad At Ex-Boyfriend So He Sets His Apartment On Fire With Dog Inside

Nicholas Meagher stands accused of a crime so horrific that he nearly cost an innocent dog his life. The 24-year-old was recently arrested in Sharon, Massachusetts in connection with intentionally setting a fire at the home of his ex-boyfriend. Police say Meagher went to his ex-boyfriend’s apartment and got into the dwelling via an unlocked door.

A very smart dog in the apartment saw the intruder and bit his leg then tried to escape, but Meagher was able to get the dog back inside. Meagher told police his “lighter broke” and a fire broke out. He fled the scene but left the dog inside the burning apartment. Thankfully, the dog was able to get out unharmed. However, the trouble was just beginning for Meagher, who called for an Uber to return to his own home.

Sharon Police detectives arrested Meagher in connection with the structure fire and charged him with entering a dwelling at night intending to commit a felony, arson, animal cruelty, and malicious destruction of property. As the investigation continues, Meagher is being held without bail. Thanks to all the first responders, all the residents and pets living in the apartment building escaped unharmed.

Although no injuries were reported, there was heavy damage to the building.


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