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Make your Home Pet Friendly

Home pet needs to be trained in such a way that you make your home pet friendly. Thus, a home pet can be serious challenge if you want to keep your home clean. The smart thing is to use the right material and the tools which can make your task to make your home pet friendly easy.


If you want to make your home pet friendly, consider the type of floor that you wish to keep. Ask yourself some essential questions. Will this floor be able to resist the scratches due to the pets at home? According to various studies that work on making the home pet friendly recommend tiles, hardwood floors and linoleum as the safest option. Pets at home like to scratch and no matter, they will do it. It is preferable to laminate the floors and make them as scratch resistant as possible. It will be relatively cheaper and you can make your home pet friendly too. If you want to keep rugs at home then try getting hold of a machine-washable rugs rather than wall to wall rugs. This will hide the dirt and they are easier to change too.


When making a choice with the color that you want your walls to be painted with, any color can be used except the red color. Pets at home have a special aversion towards the color red as it is the sign of danger and hazard for them. Since you want to make your home pet friendly, go for the neutral colors that have a semi-gloss surface because they are easy to clean if pets at home create a mess on the wall. Make sure that the pets at home should never reach the wall hangings that you have kept because this will create a nuisance for everyone. Take a note of their height and hang the mirrors and the frames well above their reach.


Pets at home need to be dealt carefully when it comes to the fanciness of window and their size. Windows are the sole key to escape for your pets at home. It is recommended to make your pet home friendly, it is better to avoid the vertical blinds, fancy tassels around the curtains or long colorful cords. Pets at home may like to play with them and in the process might damage your things or hurt itself.


The color of your furniture’s fabric should ideally match the fur of your animal. Make your home pet friendly because if the fur flies everywhere at least your home wouldn’t look dirty. Vacuum clean your house daily if possible and make your home pet friendly by involving them in the daily cleaning activity.

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