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Man Survives House Explosion & Begs For His Dog As He Slips Into A Coma

Several months ago, a horrific tragedy happened in Baltimore, Maryland that made international headlines. Several houses in one neighborhood exploded, and one of the residents who happened to survive was separated from his dog for several months. The man went into a coma and somehow both he and his pooch survived the horrific blast.

“It was by a miracle that they narrowly survived the disaster, which resulted in other fatalities,” a worker from BARCS Animal Shelter shared. “Barak was transferred to BARCS and his dad to shock trauma where he was put into an induced coma for life-threatening burns.”

Barak’s owner did not wish to be identified, but for four long months, he was separated from his beloved pup. In the meantime, the man begged EMTs and doctors that the dog be saved and returned to him.

BARCS has a policy that states they cannot hold a dog for a month or longer, and Barak’s owner was definitely going to be hospitalized for a while. Amazingly, because COVID resulted in more people adopting pets, the shelter was able to make an exception for Barak.

“Even though Barak’s return date to his dad was unknown, we made the pledge to care for him for as long as needed,” BARCS reported.

The man was finally reunited with his pooch and the moment was captured on film. He recently found a new home in which to live that allows pets, so we wish Barak and his dad all the best! Thanks to all who pitched in to help this duo.


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