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Tips to Keep Home Clean in Summer

Keep Home Clean in Summer

Clean Home in SummerHome tips are always a prerequisite whenever there is a change going on at your place. Issue of the day is the change of season – welcoming the summer – and preparing for it. Everyone is prompted to clean the entire house, from garage to the closets and kitchen cabinets. House cleaning tips are therefore necessary to be collected and followed. Cleaning tips or other home tips are not less than a time saving standard. When Collecting and following the house cleaning tips, you feel as if your granny is there to help you out with love and concern!

Following are such handpicked expert house cleaning tips that would help you to reduce the clutter fast.

Preventing Dust:

Summer means open doors and windows. Preventing dust from coming in and ruling every corner of the house is essential yet the difficult most tasks. To prevent dust, our cleaning tips experts suggest you to place floor mats at every entrance by the doors of washrooms and other doorways.

A ‘no shoes’ rule is also among those cleaning tips that work well in this connection. If implementing any such rule, place shelves or shoe racks by the doorways for convenience.

Use net curtains to cover the windows so that the incoming of dirt could be cut down. Window filters are also of great use when trying to prevent dirt from coming in through windows. If using air conditioner, the dirt would naturally stay away as the windows would remain closed.

Storing The Winter Clothes:

Storing the winter clothes and cleaning tips for the changed closet keeping is a major issue when talk of house cleaning tips regarding summer arrival. Plastic storage containers are the best choice as they prevent the clothes from air, dirt and decolorization. Cleaning tips about clothes keeping suggest that you should place the clothes to be stored in the sunlight for a few hours before packing them up. For a space efficient packing, you can roll the clothes instead of folding. This also helps preventing wrinkles and creases and you can pack many a clothes in the smallest possible volume.


A few summer months are usually humid. Humidity affects the house cleaning a lot. To dehumidify, you can use exhaust fans in the washrooms after taking showers. You can use automatic shower cleaners in the washrooms as well. Air conditioning devices can also be set to maintain an adequate humidity level.

In the kitchen, you need to place dry things such as pulses, cereals and other powdery things in a cool dry place. Upright refrigerators are the best possible option in this context.

Humidity also affects the mirrors during summer and one has to clean them again and again. If you control the humidity level, this would help you a lot as you won’t have to clean the mirrors and glass windowpanes several times.

Preventing Allergies During Summer:

Pollen, dust, skin and other allergies caused due to dusty carpets and other summer conditions strictly need to be taken care of while planning your summer cleaning. Our house cleaning tips experts suggest that you must either remove the carpets during summer or maintain a clean, dust free floor which can be wiped every day. If not possible, you need to vacuum your carpets frequently or get them washed or replaced if possible.

The furniture and fixtures need to be wiped frequently, so that the dust allergies could be cut down. Especially the furniture placed in the patio or outdoors should be dusted every day.

We hope, using our summer home cleaning tips, you can maintain your house in a much better way this summer!

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