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Importance of Proper Pet Bird Care

There are countless types of birds in this world and most of them can be good pets. Birds differ not only on the basis of their types but also on the basis of their attributes like, some birds enjoy close contact with human beings and some birds like to talk. Mostly pet birds love human interactions to the extent that they will love eating with them. Not only this, they will also love taking a shower with them and taking a nap with them. If birds are wonderful pets, they also demands attention and care. Taking care of birds needs a lot of work so,here are some pet bird care tips that will help you through:

Bird cages

The first pet bird care tip is to find a suitable cage for your bird. A cage should not only be a resting place for the bird but also provides ample space for the bird to play and exercise. It is important for pet bird care that the cage should be spacious enough that even if the bird wants to stretch its wings, it does without hurting itself. Playful birds like parrots, parakeets and cockatiels need horizontal bars on the sides of their cages as they love to climb and play around.

Bird feeders

Bird needs bowl for food and water but as birds are likely to spill things so, it is one of the main pet bird care tips to fix a bowl in the cage. A bird cage should also have bird perches as it not only provides a standing place but also helps the pet birds to exercise and keep their beaks trim. If you have just one pet bird then pet toys play a key role in pet bird care. Pet toys are usually made up of wood or plastic and are attached in the cage so, that the birds can exercise and do other stunts as well.

Bird Exercises

Exercise and activities are really important for pet bird care as it keeps them healthy and active. Pet birds are kept in a cage all day long which implies that the cage should be big enough so that they are able to make short flights. Furthermore, pet birds love to climb on ladders and horizontal bars of their cage. Usually small pet birds love these swings and ladders so, if you have a small pet bird you should fix plenty of ladders and swings in the cage.

Bird safety

It is your responsibility to take all the necessary measures to provide safety to your pet bird. So, another pet bird care tip is not to leave your doors and windows open because if your pet bird ever gets a chance to see an open window, he will fly away and you will never see him again. Furthermore, it is also your ethical responsibility to never physically hit your pet bird. In addition, you should keep a check on the things that your pet bird chews whenever it is outside the cage.

Bird foods

If you want your pet bird to stay healthy, it is an essential pet bird care to make sure that your pet bird gets all the nutrients that it wants. The diet of a bird is totally dependent on its size and type. Foods that usually all the birds have includes variety of grains, bird seeds, fruits and green vegetables. If your bird is either sick, weak or inactive, you should give him additional supplements to add minerals and proteins to the diet.

Personal care

You should be very gentle whenever you are holding your pet bird because birds have very delicate bones. Even if you accidentally exert an extra pressure on your pet bird, it can cause a bone fracture.

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