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Mom Tells Her Puppy She Loves Him, Starry-Eyed Puppy Mouths ‘I Love You’ Back

In this world filled with chaos and change, nothing is more constant than a dog’s unconditional love. They might be voiceless creatures, but they leave no stone unturned to make their owners feel loved and cherished.

In this video, we see a woman cuddling with her tiny French Bulldog puppy. Dressed in a cute red sweater, the puppy looks exceedingly charming as he nestles in his mom’s arms and tries to “talk” to her. The affectionate woman kisses the little good boy and tells him “I Love You”, but she never anticipates the puppy’s reaction to her words!

In a very precious moment, the starry-eyed puppy mouths back a proper “I Love You” to his mom, leaving her bewildered in happiness! The shocked woman goes completely bonkers and screams aloud knowing that this is the happiest day of her life!

The overwhelmed mom says “I Love You” again, just to make sure she heard it right. And sure enough, the puppy replies with another perfect “I Love You”! It’s unbelievable how the puppy accurately copies his mom’s enunciation of the classic 3 words. This adorable fluffball definitely knows how to express his infinite love for his mommy! If this isn’t true love, we don’t know what is!

Click the video below to watch how the little puppy made his mom’s day with a perfect “I Love You”!

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