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She Continued To Beg For Food So He Taught Her A Painful Lesson

All animals are innocent. Even the ones that show aggression, usually do so out of fear, or manipulative training. So, for any animal to be mistreated, is just heartless. One dog, in particular, an innocent stray that wanted nothing more than to be cared for, fed, and loved, became a nuisance to a soulless man.

The man didn’t just go on with his life and ignore the dog in need. Instead, he got angry because she kept showing up near his home. He spitefully poured acid onto her body and left her there to suffer. She tried to nurse her wounds but it was only a matter of time before infection set in and she lost her life.

A passerby did the right thing and made a call to Animal Aid, knowing they could help. They arrived as soon as they could.

The dog, they named Honey, had third-degree chemical burns. Her back was totally exposed. The rescuers and medical team weren’t sure if she’d survive but they did know they’d do all they can to try and save her life.

First, they sedated Honey so they could irrigate the wound and clean out any remaining acid that was still eating away at her skin. They then bandaged her up and let her rest.

With a proper night sleep, and IV pain meds and antibiotics, Honey woke up the next morning in better spirits. Again, the volunteers properly cleaned her wound. Amazingly, despite being treated so cruelly, Honey is such a sweet girl. She loves humans too which proves, yet again, how amazing dogs really are.

As time went on, Honey made tremendous progress. This is when her name comes into play. The staff heard that bee’s honey promotes healing and has antibacterial properties. They begin to apply it every day to her wound before bandaging it up.

It takes six months, and a lot of time and patience, but Honey transforms into a beautiful, happy dog that is totally healthy! She adores her human friends and spends her days feeling wanted and being cared for.

While Honey’s story starting out with heartbreak, she is now where she belongs. The best part is that Animal Aid allows all the dogs they rescue to remain at the sanctuary indefinitely.

Dogs like Honey are harder to place in forever homes. But that’s okay, she’s happy right where she is. To learn more about Honey and her rescue, check out the video below. Her wounds are shown, so please use discretion!

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