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Dog Tries To Stop His Rodent Sibling From Digging A Hole, But He Keeps Failing

Louie Gucci has to be the greatest escape artist in the world of prairie dogs. Every other day, the plucky rodent breaks out of his comfy and abundant cage, and uses the doggie door to venture out into the yard with the sole purpose of “digging holes”. Louie’s Pit Bull-Labrador brother, Darryl, is usually tasked with taking care of the runaway situation, leading to some hilarious consequences!

For starters, Darryl is one of the gentlest and meekest dogs you’ll ever find – despite his mighty size and stature! It’s no wonder Louie never really sees him as an actual threat, but merely passes him off as a gullible doggie brother he can easily manipulate. He either coaxes him to join in the digging adventures, or bossily dismisses him with some nasty soil attack!

In this video, we see one of Louie’s wrecking escapades. Poor Darryl politely tries his best to get him to stop destroying the backyard, but to no avail. Louie mercilessly snaps back and rudely shoos Darryl off every time he intervenes, causing the pooch to retreat in fear.

It’s not that Louie enjoys dominating his family, he simply hates any distraction while honing his instinctive burrowing skills! Darryl is always respectful of his tiny sibling’s quirks, and mostly resigns to watching over him while he digs away the best holes in the lawn. As for Louie, he knows Darryl will have his back no matter what! What an intriguing bond!

Click the video below to watch a submissive Darrly surrendering to Louie Gucci’s mischievous whims!

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