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Woman Calls Her Dog A “Boofy Sandwich” And Almost Gets Her Fingers Bitten Off

We’re all well aware of how pets wreck our hearts with their unsurpassable cuteness. And honestly, it’s hard not to be bewitched by their giant innocent eyes and wholesome fluffiness. Most owners can’t help themselves as they pick out the choicest nicknames for their furry munchkins!

The dog in this video is an absolute chubby babe loaded with oodles of charm. Mom adores her dog’s stocky physique, which makes her look like a meaty slushy bag every time she flops down to rest! Mom likes to call her “boofy sandwich” just to dote on her plump wholesomeness – but the offended dog is so not okay with the lame nickname that indirectly implies that she’s fat!

In this video, we see the dog sprawled out on the bed with her signature chunky roly-poly body. Mom cannot control herself and ends up shouting the very 2 words her dog hates – “BOOOOOFY SANDWICH”! The dog looks disturbed by those mocking words and shoots a pretty unforgiving death stare as she warns Mom to zip it!

But Mom gets cheekier and decides to keep teasing her sassy girl. She barely utters another “boo…” and her dog completely loses her patience! She snaps backs at Mom with a very annoyed bark and demands her to stop calling her that silly name. Looks like she’s royally vexed!

And yet, Mom is feeling super brave for she just won’t give it a rest! She totally pushes her luck by pointing her index finger at her dog and insolently proclaiming, “That’s a boofy sandwich!” This time, the dog is in no mood to go easy on her mom. Don’t forget to watch her reaction with your volume up! Mom’s “OW!” at the end was hilarious but she totally had it coming!

Click the video below to watch the dog’s hysterical reaction upon being called a “boofy sandwich”!

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