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“Ugly” Street Dog Slept On The Side Of The Road Every Day, But Look At Her Now

Lexie the stray dog was used to living the rough life on the streets of Bali. Like many homeless dogs in the area, she had an “owner” who would feed her every day. However, pet ownership was a loose term in the poverty-stricken neighborhood she was in, as she still had to live out her life in the dirt and squalor of the streets.

Over time, Lexie got injured in several places, while her diseased skin was in bad shape as well. A man named Jace noticed her plight and realized that she needed immediate medical attention. As he had to leave soon, he reached out to his mother, Jullie, in hopes that she could rescue the ailing pooch.

Jullie had a hard time getting Lexie to trust her. Traps and treats miserably failed to work on clever Lexie, and Jullie eventually had to track down Lexie’s faithful neighborhood feeder to see if he would help her. When the owner realized Lexie could have a better life off the streets, he immediately grabbed his beloved pup and handed her over to Jullie!

While Lexie was distraught to leave her owner after the sudden rescue, she soon perked up upon realizing she was being cared for fabulously at the shelter. Once she was groomed and treated for her medical issues, she turned into a stunning fluffy dog!

Lady Luck shone on Lexie when she met a woman named Michellina, who was looking for a companion for her rescue dog. Watch this video till the end to see Lexie charming her way into Michellina’s heart. She’s now living like a princess with her precious doggie brother, far away from the woes of the harsh streets!

Click the video below to watch Lexie’s heart-wrenching street rescue and her memorable journey into her comfy forever home!

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It's ridiculous how fluffy and cute this dog is now — and she and her new brother can't stop howling at each other! ❤️

Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, March 25, 2021

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