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Adults Cringed At Kitten Too Terrifying To Look At So Little Girl Stepped Up

A tiny kitten born onto the cruel streets had to fend for herself. She lived in the dark corners of an alleyway in Istanbul and did her best to survive. While other strays managed to get scraps from passersby, this kitten was completely ignored. The reason why: She was too terrifying to look at.

Through no fault of her own, the kitten was born with facial deformities and one ear. She was malnourished and ravaged by parasites and skin infections. But no one did a thing for her because she was “too ugly” to help. But then, finally, an angel appeared.

A young girl, just 7 years old found the kitten living between two garbage cans. The little girl didn’t care what the kitten looked like; she knew she needed help and that was all that mattered. She scooped the kitten up and brought her home.

The little girl begged her father to help the little kitten. He agreed and they headed to the vet clinic. The girl and her dad understood that the kitten deserved a good life. They named her Gulumser, which means “she who always smiles.”

Once at the vet, he and his staff went to work immediately. The kitten needed nourishment and hydration as well as medication for parasites. Next, he gave the little girl very good news. He said he could surgically repair her face so she could breathe easier and eat normally. This was the best news they could hope for.

Within a few months, and after several surgeries, the “ugliest” kitten was no longer hideous to look at. Let this story be a lesson for us all. Never judge a book by its cover. ALL living creatures deserve a good life no matter what they look like. We are so grateful to the young girl and her father for saving Gulumser and giving her a happy loving home.

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