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Why a Dog Is A Perfect Aid For Anxiety Sufferers

Any average person loves dogs, and there’s no doubt that our furry friends are more than just pets; they’re part of the family. Dogs hold the natural ability to instantly brighten your day.

They can also offer incredible support to anyone suffering from mental health issues – in fact, they’ve been used as a form of therapy since the ninth century! If you’re looking for yet another reason to adopt, here are some reasons dogs are fantastic for anyone experiencing anxiety.

They Lower Stress Levels

Many studies have shown that dogs have a direct impact on our stress levels and actually can reduce stress and calm nerves. Stroking or playing with a dog can increase your oxytocin levels, which is a stress-reducing hormone.

It also decreases the production of stress-hormone cortisol resulting in you feeling happy and relaxed. These hormonal changes can help many problems, particularly anyone who suffers from anxiety. They often feel overwhelmed with stress and nerves.

They Can Help Control Panic Attacks

If your anxiety is pretty severe, and you regularly suffer from panic attacks, you might be looking for a permanent solution to this to go about your day without impacting your life. There are specific psychiatric service dogs trained to help anxiety, especially those who suffer from panic attacks.

They are trained to recognize the signs of an upcoming panic attack episode and assist by bringing medication, water, bringing over the phone, and helping to calm you down.

They Can Make Traveling Easier

Traveling with anxiety can be a daunting experience. Dogs can help provide reassurance when tackling large or busy areas by protecting you and being on standby for if you have a panic attack.

If you can qualify for a specially trained service dog, then these will also be allowed to travel with you to places where normal dogs won’t be allowed to go. This means you could benefit from their support at all times with no restrictions.

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