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Bold Woman Dares To Take An “Unadoptable” Dog Home Without Any Working Strategy

Belle the dog had a distinct look of hopelessness when she was first spotted on the streets of Bali. Her skin was pink and hairless from infectious diseases and severe sunburns. As she was skittish around humans, some rescuers sedated her to bring her to a shelter. However, they were not prepared for her extreme level of “brokenness”.

Belle had the body language of a dog who had endured some major abuse in life. She was traumatized around humans and would shudder at their very touch. She would hang her face in her kennel all day in an attempt to hide. Whenever rescuers tried to comfort her, she instinctively flinched back with the saddest eyes.

For a dog as shut down as Belle, the caretakers had to go the extra mile to provide her with the necessary treatment. Even so, she refused to trust ANYONE and always looked like she was on the verge of tears. The workers were frustrated to realize they were dealing with an “unadoptable” dog who just won’t let them in.

When a woman named Kaho saw pictures of the perpetually depressed Belle, she offered to foster her. The workers didn’t have much hope, but they were glad to find help. And so, Kaho brought Belle home with just one strategy in mind – to let her be.

As expected, Belle hid under the bed in her foster home and refused to engage with anyone. For 2 whole weeks, she kept growling whenever Kaho approached her. But something changed when she observed the other dogs in the household happily hanging out with Kaho.

Watch this heartwarming video to witness how Belle’s curiosity got the better of her and forced her to come out of hiding! It’s unbelievable to see her asking for belly rubs toward the end. Her yearlong progress in her foster home is nothing short of a miracle, and we are so glad Kaho decided to adopt Belle and give her the stable, harmonious life she never had!

Click the video below to watch how Belle rose above her fears and traumas to rebuild a new life!

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