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Mama Dog Cries Out For Her Newborn Puppies Buried In Rubble Of Collapsed House

The workers at “Animal Aid Unlimited” received an urgent call about a mama dog frantically rummaging through the rubble of a collapsed house. Upon arriving at the site, the rescuer team was told that the abandoned old house had caved in during the rainstorm. While it was confirmed that the mama dog’s babies were buried inside the rubble, no one could tell if they had survived.

The mama dog never left the wreckage as she whimpered helplessly looking for her puppies. She was visibly relieved when one of the rescuers jumped into the debris to trace her babies. She guided the rescuer to a particular corner and begged him to lift up one heavy stone after the other. But there was absolutely no sign of her litter.

Everyone began fearing that the puppies had succumbed to the accident, but the mama dog never lost faith. When the rescuer tucked her away for safety, she jumped back over his shoulder and showed him the exact spot where he could feel her little ones. She anxiously pawed at the soil and stones, and the rescuer began digging alongside her.

The mama dog’s instincts were super accurate – as the rescuer finally found a glimmer of hope in the form of faint cries from a dangerous cavity. But there was no time to waste as the babies were clearly suffocating.

Watch this video till the end to see the heart-wrenching moment the rescuer reaches out to the wee newborn puppies. That emotional reunion at the end definitely had us misty-eyed! There are few things as precious as the love of a mother. We thank the brave rescuer for turning this terrifying tragedy into a moment of bliss!

Click the video below to watch the devoted mama dog guiding the rescuer and saving the life of her suffocating puppies.

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