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Coyote Waits In Bushes To Ambush Dog, Grabs The Dog And Drags Him Into The Woods

Authorities in Chicago’s Palantine suburb have issued an alert to pet owners after a small dog tragically died during a coyote attack. The victim dog was a Dachshund who was on a walk with his owner along the 1200 block of South Parkside Drive. However, things soon took a gory turn when a coyote ambushed the duo out of nowhere and bit the dog on his neck.

The coyote snatched away the dog off his collar and dragged him into the woods. Moments later, another coyote came into the picture and chased the first coyote that had fled with the dog. Cops responded to the scene shortly, but they couldn’t locate the dog. The poor creature’s mutilated corpse was found in the common area of the residential complex hours later.

Cops believe that a controlled burn in the woods could be a major factor behind the surge in coyote sightings in the residential areas. However, law enforcement cannot do much to resolve this issue as they are restricted by the protection the law provides to coyotes. This is why they have advised owners to grab the likes of air horns, sprays or mace to keep coyotes at bay.

While reports of coyote attacking pets are rare, it is a known fact that these predators can jump fences as high as 6 feet, and also dig under fences to get to their food source. Keeping this in mind, authorities have instructed owners to keep a vigilant eye on their pets. No pets must be left unattended outside, and dog walks must preferably be scheduled during daylight hours. Residents have also been requested to refrain from keeping garbage or food outside for garden critters for the time being. Spread the word.

Click the video below to watch how the poor little dog lost his life following a coyote attack.

h/t CBS Chicago

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