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Blind Pug Brought Home By Volunteers @ Klamath Animal Shelter

A blind pug has found a new calling in life after taking up a role as a therapy dog Xander from Klamath Falls in Oregon, U.S., went blind in an accident when he was just one year old and was subsequently put up for adoption However, volunteers at Klamath Animal Shelter, fell for the pug, and decided to take Xander home with them.Marcie and Rodney Beedy say they soon realised their new dog’s ability to boost the spirits of those around him The Beedy’s decided to enrol Xander in the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen program.

Three weeks later, Xander became a certified Pet Partner’s Therapy Dog  and now spends his days greeting young and old at the likes of hospitals, nursing homes, animal shelters and schools.

Owner Marcie has to wear a bell around her trouser leg to keep the adorable Xander by her side as he spreads his love – despite not being able to see the people he meets The pug has also started to receive a strong following on the web.

His Facebook page – ‘Meet Xander’ – states that the dog’s mission in life is to stop violence and that he will continue to comfort those old and young until he can no longer do so Rodney said: ‘I loved him – just his personality and everything ‘I was saying I’ll take this dog, he’s going to make a fantastic therapy dog.

A lot of times he’ll hear a child crying at an event and he’s bolted several times, at least 500ft over to this child to comfort them.


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