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Dog gets barbed hook stuck in her mouth after eating fishing tackle on seaside walk

Three-year-old husky required emergency medication a dog owner has advised of the threats of walking by the seaside. Over the weekend Daren Gordon said that his dog Luna had to be hurried to a special clinic in the city after accidentally chowing down on a one-and-a-half-inch metal fishing hook. 

The pet owner stated that while he was walking with Luna on the seafront and suddenly hear Dundee when he heard her crunching on something. He originally thought that it was a crab, but then found a fishing line hanging from her mouth.

Darren tried to pull the line away before he accomplished that the hook was embedded in Luna’s bottom lip. According to the Daily Record: “It was high tide and I was sitting on the wall and letting her play. I heard her crunching on something and ran over to see what she got a hold of.

“When I tried to pull it clear, I noticed the hook was stuck right in her lip and I realized it would have ripped her mouth if I kept tugging.

“The line was about a meter long and there was a hook on the other end too – it would have been even more dangerous if she’d swallowed it.

“But she was putting her paw on it and trying to pull it free, which could have done more damage.” Then for immediate attention, Luna was rushed to a Veterinary clinic. X-rays were taken by the vet later explained the extent of the damage.

It is relief to see that specialists quickly sedated Luna and us able to carefully cut the hook free with a scalpel before stitching up the wound. Leanne Walker, a senior nurse at the Vets Now clinic stated: “Mr. Gordon trimming the line away was fine, but it was the right decision not to try to remove the hook. “They always have barbs that, if pulled, can make the injury worse.”

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