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Unwanted Dog Tied To Tree Barks For Love & Attention So Neighbor Shoots Him

Detectives in Hillsborough County, Florida, are working on a very important case and hope someone from the general public will be able to assist. Someone shot an innocent dog named Ace seven times, with each painful bullet ravaging a different part of his body. Poor Ace was left with a shattered nose and broken bones, but he miraculously survived.

One would think a dog who was forced to live outside, tied up all alone, and starving for attention would not like people. Ace, however, is no ordinary dog and he loves everyone he meets. He doesn’t judge people, act afraid of strangers, nor show any fear or anger. In fact, vets say his past may have been brutal, but his future looks very bright.

“The dog being tied up couldn’t even run away from being shot at, “Dr. Jill Kirk told a local reporter.

The veterinary staff is amazed by Ace’s resilience, determination, and friendliness despite his sorted past. He rolls over for tummy rubs and loves everyone in the hospital. His leg may need to be amputated, but the vets are keeping a close eye on him. Hillsborough deputies rescued Ace in the nick of time recently, or he may have bled out.

Investigators discovered a felon who lived next door got angry when Ace was barking, so he decided to shoot him seven times. That man is still at large, and deputies are hopeful someone will come forward with information. Learn more about Ace’s bravery and resilience in the video below.

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