However, American Airlines says that onlookers reported that the altercation began in the TSA queue and continued on the plane.Al-Khatahtbeh has sadly been a frequent subject of Islamophobic attacks. Earlier this year, she received a death threat over the phone and posted the recording on Twitter because she felt it was “necessary to see the common experience of Muslims & minorities when hate is normalised by political leaders.”

A spokesperson for American Airlines told indy100:

‘We are actively investigating an incident that took place between two passengers before and during boarding of flight 2029 at Newark Liberty International Airport. We are concerned by these allegations and our team is actively working to learn more about what occurred.”

“We have reached out to both passengers, and are in the process of interviewing crew members, other passengers onboard, as well as witnesses from the TSA checkpoint. In addition, we are working with local law enforcement and have requested video footage from Terminal A and security.”