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‘THANKS PRESIDENT TRUMP’! Nancy Pelosi bragging about Biden’s first 100 days does NOT go well, like at all

Nancy Pelosi possibly wakens up early morning today.

She is coitizing Biden’s performance that it isn’t up to the mark since he has taken over the charge in White House. Nancy should remember that Trump put shots in arms and gave out more money in pockets. Whereas Biden is just putting pressure on the teacher’s unions and he is not sure if the schools would be open in the fall.

Nancy realized that we need term limits.

Covid-19 didn’t be the reason for those ‘distressing effects.’

Government locking down their states did.

Especially Democrats, many of whom are still holding down on their states to exercise their power. See Northam, Whitmer, Cuomo, Murphy, Newsom, etc.

Guess how this went over.

That’s hitting it well.

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