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Mum stunned after home security camera appears to capture ghost of her son

Mum stunned after home security camera
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

A mother from the United States, Ms. Hodge, was shocked when she saw footage from her home security camera, which appeared to show the ghost of her late son, Robbie. Robbie passed away two years prior due to an accidental drug overdose of fake Xanax at the age of 23.

Ms. Hodge and Robbie were working together to set up a charity that aimed to tackle addiction before his untimely death. She recalls Robbie as a great kid who helped others despite his own struggles.

In 2018, Ms. Hodge received a message notification that someone was in the kitchen, while she was watching TV with her daughter. When she checked the security camera footage, she saw a transparent male figure in the kitchen, which resembled her son Robbie, with his beard and all.

Ms. Hodge was left shocked and amazed by the footage. She has taken the sighting as a sign that her son is happy in heaven. While Ms. Hodge finds some comfort in the sighting, she also finds it strange and unusual. She is still amazed and has not seen anything similar since.

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