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Grieving Newport News Mother Honors Daughter Lost to Fentanyl Poisoning

woman fentanyl poisoning
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A somber tale continues as a Newport News mother, Lisa Reed, remembers her daughter who tragically passed away due to fentanyl poisoning. In a poignant tribute on Sunday, Lisa Reed hosted a celebration of life to commemorate her daughter, Kaitlyn, just ahead of what would have marked her 26th birthday.

“We deeply feel her absence. We long for her presence,” expressed Reed.

Kaitlyn’s life was cut short two and a half years ago, falling victim to the devastating effects of fentanyl poisoning.

“In a thousand years, I would have never imagined this outcome. No parent anticipates bringing an innocent child into the world, only to have them torn away,” shared Reed, her grief palpable.

Kaitlyn’s 26th birthday coincided with National Fentanyl Awareness Day, a grim irony that led her mother to hold a celebration of life event at Mission BBQ.

“We carry her memory in our hearts every day, and our greatest fear is that she’ll fade from memory,” Reed confided.

Close friends and family united to fulfill Kaitlyn’s unfulfilled wishes with vibrant balloons and her cherished birthday cake. Tragically, Kaitlyn left behind two daughters who are now both under the age of six.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the year 2022 witnessed the highest recorded number of fentanyl-related deaths, claiming the lives of nearly 200 Americans daily.

“Parents should never have to bury their own child,” Reed emphasized.

Driven by her loss, Reed has assumed the mission of raising awareness about the perilous nature of fentanyl. Her efforts have extended to Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, with whom she has shared her concerns.

To those who wish to avoid her heartrending experience, Reed has a resolute message:

“Exercise caution in consuming any medication from any source. If it hasn’t been prescribed to you and dispensed by a legitimate pharmacy, abstain from taking it. Don’t gamble with your life,” Reed asserted.”

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