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Mom went into a coma after a c-section and doctors put her on a ‘last chance’ ventilator, but the nurse’s idea changed everything!

Shelly and Jeremy were overjoyed to welcome their newborn daughter, Rylan, into the world. However, their happiness was cut short when Shelly had to undergo an emergency c-section, during which a blood clot caused her to slip into a coma. Despite the efforts of doctors and loved ones, Shelly remained unresponsive.

The doctors put her on a “last chance” ventilator and informed Jeremy that they had exhausted all treatment options.

But then, a nurse had an idea to try skin-to-skin contact between Shelly and Rylan, which is known to be beneficial for infants. Although Rylan fell asleep on her mother’s chest, the nurses encouraged her to cry, believing that the sound might help Shelly subconsciously fight for her life.

To everyone’s surprise, Shelly’s vital signs spiked in response to Rylan’s cries, and she woke up from her coma soon after.

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Shelly credited Rylan’s cries with giving her the strength to keep fighting. She recovered and was able to leave the hospital, and the family is now grateful for the hospital staff who never gave up hope and tried everything to help Shelly recover.

A year has passed since the incident, and Rylan has grown healthy and strong, bringing immense joy to her parent’s lives.

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