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Meghan Markle reportedly expresses her discontent when informed that she is not the sole influential female figure

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s decision to stay home with her son Prince Archie on his birthday instead of accompanying her husband Harry to King Charles’ Coronation in the UK has garnered both praise and criticism from royal fans.

Many applaud her selflessness in prioritizing her child’s special day, while others view her absence as a missed opportunity for the Duchess of Sussex to participate in such a significant royal event.

Although Prince Harry will attend the Coronation, he is expected to return quickly to California to join in Archie’s celebrations, told Mirror.

Since their departure as working royals, the couple has made few visits to the UK, instead focusing on their charity Archwell, Meghan’s podcast series, Archetypes, and their Netflix documentary chronicling their separation from the royal family.

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Despite Meghan’s powerful message at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in 2020, body language expert and psychologist Bruce Durham detected moments when the duchess seemed unhappy, such as when interviewer Ellen McGrit stated that Meghan was “not the only powerful woman involved in this equation.”

Durham observed that Meghan’s ego was triggered, leading to behavior such as hair brushing and a tight throat, indicating discomfort and the desire to be seen as the most powerful person in the room.

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