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Heart-Wrenching Aftermath: Maui Wildfire Leaves Pets with Melted Paws and Shattered Spirits

Maui Wildfire Pets
Photo: pethelpful

The tragic aftermath of the Maui fire isn’t only felt by the residents; it’s heartbreakingly evident in the numerous pets still lost a week after flames devastated the iconic Lahaina town. As people grapple with the loss, a local shelter is stepping in, offering refuge to the pets of those displaced by the disaster.

Among the fortunate is Rodnyl Toscana. Although the fire razed his home, he and his animals made it out safe. While Toscana finds solace in a relief shelter, his trio of dogs and a group of rabbits are under the protective care of the Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation situated in Wailuku.

Animals injured from wildfires in Hawaii
(Maui Humane Society / FOX Weather)

Toscana expresses his trust, saying, “They’re ensuring top-notch care for my pets, and I’m hopeful of reuniting with them soon.”

This foundation is gearing up to house a diverse group of around a hundred animals, from dogs and cats to tortoises.


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Highlighting the integral bond between people and their pets, Dawn Pfendler, the CEO of the Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation, shared, “It’s a mutual dependency. Pets need their humans just as much. We’re bracing ourselves for a long haul, not just a momentary rush.”

The foundation’s commitment stands firm: they’ll shelter these pets until their families have stable homes once again.

Lisa M. Labrecque, the CEO of Maui Humane Society, revealed alarming figures: about 3,000 animals are unaccounted for on the island. This organization, dedicated to reuniting pets with their families, has so far rescued over 50 creatures from the affected Lahaina region. Of these, 12 required hospitalization by Monday. Fortunately, eight have since found their way back to their families.

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