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Man shares “excruciating” photo he took with Ariana Grande after row with his dad

As the famous saying goes, you should never meet your heroes – because they’re sure to disappoint you.

However, Michael Slagel, of Orlando, U.S, was already disappointed when he met pop star Ariana Grande.

He left people in stitches after sharing a video of the moment he met the famous singer – just after a row with his dad in 2012.

The poor teenager (at the time) was left looking rather upset in the photo taken at the time.

Luckily, he’s now 22 and ready to laugh about it – so shared the hilarious moment on TikTok, where the video has been viewed nearly 15 million times.

In the caption, he explained: “Remembering the time I ran into Ariana Grande while crying because I was in the middle of a fight with my dad.”

The poor teen clearly has red eyes following the row – while Ariana looks worried as she poses with pursed lips.

The video has racked up more than four million likes and 70,000 comments since being shared one day ago.

One person commented: “I can tell she’s trying not to laugh and I don’t blame her.”

Another joked: “He didn’t care he was in a crisis, he wanted that pic.”

A third replied: “I’ve been laughing for the past half an hour hahahaha. This is EXCRUCIATING and I love it.”

A fourth added: “This is amazing! Best/worse moment of your young life,” to which Michael replied: “A GREAT story though!”

Meanwhile, a woman’s glowing review for a swimsuit that survived a shark attack went viral after it was spotted online by an amused shopper.

The woman said she was swimming off the North Carolina Coast when she “had an unexpected visitor take a swipe at my lower back”.

But the J.Crew swimsuit “escaped unscathed”, taking the reviewer’s “appreciation to a new level” – which seems reasonable.

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