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Fury as mum forced to give birth in dentist’s chair sent £180 bill for clean-up costs

A mum who gave birth in a dentist’s chair has been sent a bill for clean-up costs.about:blank

Jessica Aaldering, 23, from the Netherlands, had no idea she was pregnant until she started suffering labour pains in the street.

She was helped by two police officers into a dentist’s surgery in the Dutch town of Velp where she gave birth within minutes to a baby boy.

But several weeks later, she reportedly received an unexpected bill from the dentist.

It asked her to pay 211.75 euros (£183.22) due to “delivery damage”.

The dental practice argued it had to hire a cleaning company to scrub the mess in the treatment room, according to local media.

The irritated mum said her health insurance company refused to cover the costs as it is only valid for domestic and hospital births and not deliveries in dental clinics.

She said: “It is quite bizarre that they dare to send me an invoice for this at all.

“At the time, the police walked in to ask if I could give birth at the dentist.”

Luckily, the police came to her rescue again and offered to pay the cleaning bill.

The mum added: “The police were my lifesaver before, and it is now again.”

On the day of the birth, the mum had been riding her bike near dentist Rene Klaassen’s clinic.

She suddenly started feeling severe stomach pain and worried she was ill.

Two nearby police officers, Rob van Duuren and Milan van der Heijden, realised she was in difficulty and helped her into the dental surgery.

After being put in the dentist chair to lie down, she suddenly gave birth to a baby boy.

She has since named him Herman.

The mum said: “It all happened so quickly, I barely had time to sit in the dentist chair.”

Even more drama unfolded when one of the officers had to massage the baby’s heart to revive him, due to an umbilical cord rupture.

The heroic act by officer van Duuren saved the tot, who took his first breath and started to cry.

Emergency services soon arrived on the scene and provided oxygen, before taking the mum and baby to hospital.

Doctors discovered Herman, who was born 10 weeks early, had a collapsed lung.

However, he is said to be doing well after spending time in an incubator.

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