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Man ‘almost died’ from infection in ‘triangle of death’ from popping a spot on his chin

A spotty bloke almost died from popping a pimple on his chin, according to reports.

The man, named only as Mr Chen, was rushed to hospital in Jiangsu Province, China, having squeezed the puss-filled problem.

Immediately after popping the spot he suffered a swollen mouth and an intense fever, the Daily Mail reported.

According to local media his condition quickly worsened and an infection spread to his lungs.

He was diagnosed with double pneumonia, a potentially life-threatening condition.

Reports claim that he was on his deathbed fighting for his life in the intensive care unit at the First People’s Hospital in Changzhou.

His wife, Ms Tian, said: “He had a pimple on his chin, I was telling him not to pop it because he had done it before.”

But Mr Chen could not resist squeezing the irritant.

Dr Zhu, who treated Mr Chen, said the patient had pulled through – but warned that it was a close call.

He told Chinese television: “[He had] mouth infection which initially triggered double pneumonia and collapsed lungs. [His] condition was critical.”

The doc warned against people popping spots around their nose and mouth, the so-called ‘triangle of death’, and revealed vital signs to look out for.

He added: “The first thing is to avoid squeezing it with your hands.

“More importantly, if the surrounding skin becomes red, swollen or painful, or the patient develops a fever, it is recommended to seek medical attention as soon as possible.”

As reported by LadBible, the reason the ‘triangle’ is so notorious as that’s where your veins are that lead back to your cavernous sinus, which is found in your brain.

A skin infection in that area could cause a blood clot, leading to a stroke.

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