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Leaked Video Appears To Show Republican Plan To Intimidate Minority Voters In Houston

It’s true, the people of the United States of America came together and unseated Donald Trump from the “throne” of the presidency, where he not only allowed racism, bigotry, and hate to run rampant, but actively encouraged it.

However, the stench-filled rot that is the Republican Party in this nation still remains very much intact; and while Donald Trump himself is out of office, many of his ideations and cruelty are still going strong within the party he left behind.

Recently, we have all watched in horror the Jim Crow-style election laws that have been implemented in the state of Georgia after the state flipped blue in favor of now-President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

And now it seems that Texas, even though they remained steady in the deep red stronghold, is beginning to sort of follow suit with their own means to stifle the voices of minorities in America, who are statistically more likely to vote for Democratic candidates.

Common Cause Texas recently released a startling video “of a GOP ‘Election Integrity Brigade’ virtual launch where they detail plans to build an army of poll watchers who will have the ‘courage’ to go into Black and Brown neighborhoods.”

It’s highly suspected that this “Election Integrity Brigade” will consist of nothing more than pro-GOP election workers and poll watchers, sent into predominantly Black and brown communities with the sole purpose of intimidating and harassing minority voters under the guise of “voter fraud” protection.

To make matters all this worse, this group is expected to be a permanent operation, not simply a list of volunteers commandeered during election season, and the briefing obtained and leaked by Common Cause Texas shows that the ultimate goal is to recruit poll watchers and other volunteers through “military partnerships” — a downright horrifying prospect given Donald Trump’s attempted coup and his supporters’ attack against our nation’s Capitol.

Harris County Republican leaders put their racism on full display when they said that these poll watchers must have “courage” and confidence” to do this sort of work in Houston’s Black and Latino communities.

It’s imperative that we never forget; while Donald Trump is gone, Trumpism is still very much alive and well.

You can read a full report on the topic from Salon here.

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