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Queen Elizabeth Hiding the Holy Grail, Ark of The Covenant Behind Palace Walls

It is well known that Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family owns many treasures. Gossip Cop investigates one of the stories claims that they are privately keeping some of the great lost artifacts of history, that including the Ark of The Covenant, the Spear of Destiny, and the Holy Grail.

‘Queen Bans Raiders of The Lost Ark’: According to the report of Globe, there is some of the news that the royal family keeping priceless artifacts within its walls. The sources say that the new British law prevents the police and other authorities from searching some of the royal places.

This is to protect the secret stash of lost treasures. The truth is that the treasure has been stolen from many historic sites around the globe. And they say that they “are priceless and reputed to have immense occult powers.”

Some of the sources say that “the British royal family is a lot richer than their public holdings would indicate and a great amount of their wealth is believed to be secret treasures looted from foreign lands by the armies that built the empire.” but it may be difficult to prove to authorities if they were stolen.

These activities raise the question of what does the royal family has within its walls? The routers say that the horde includes: the Holy Grail (holding the power of immortality), The Ark of the Covenant containing the original Ten Commandments, the crown jewels of Ireland, William Shakespeare’s lost play Love’s Labour Won, the Spear of Destiny (which grants the holder the power to control the world), and 50 Faberge eggs.

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